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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 Where were you
When their distress call became insistent
Were you curled-up on your leather sofa
Flipping channels from Al Jazeera to Supersport
Did you take a break to heed to their request.

Where were you
When their groans of malnourishment grew persistent
Were you pushing a trolley, filled with junk to the brim
At Nakumatt Galleria after a sumptuous lunch at Java
Were you ashamed of your once-in-a-while coin-donations.

Where were you
When they sniffed glue to obscurity
Were you driving past and hastily rolled up the tints
Was it out of fear or sheer shame at your indifference
Towards these seemingly pollutant bugs.

Where were you
When in Mukuru they slept hungry on cold floors
Where were you
When their peers in Daadab
Lay on hot sand, abused, sickly and numb
Where were you
When in orphanages they wasted their childhood away
Where were you
When they, feigning smiles, posed for snaps with tourists
Where were you
When like merchandise they were traded to pedophiles.

Did you for once, off your busy schedule
Embrace and show them love
Did you for once, off your tight budget
Buy them a nice Christmas dress or shirt
Did you for once, off your high flying career
Spare your skills to serve them
Did you for once, off your high table
Share in their humble troubles and shambles
Did you for once, off your insistent prayers for prosperity
Tearfully intercede for their juvenile souls
Did you for once, just once, sacrifice yourself for them
Just as Christ did for you at Calvary.

Friday, February 20, 2015


What is it about me?
That though yearning
To be beyond reproach
I always find myself wanting
The much I strive to toe the line
The much often I trip.

Is it just about me?
Or an inherent human trait
A gene attracted to sin
That gravitates towards the obscene
That’s at home with greed
Or even gross deceit.

Why can’t I be just perfect?
A crystal-perfect image of Christ
Whom I proclaim with such potency
Only to later fall short
Of flawlessness that’s holy
Why can’t I just for once endure in His fold?

Yes, it’s true I’m just human
Prone to transgression
Weak in face of temptation
Yet, the impulse to be like Him hurts much
Much more than those petite pet sins
That threaten to expel from me, His spirit.

I yearn to reclaim my position
I ache to reclaim my soul, my salvation
Each day as if it was a brand new life
Each day as if I never did it yesterday
Each day as if there’ll never be tomorrow
I pledge to reclaim
My faith each time I tumble
For it’ll never be done

Till redemption at His second coming.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Each morning as I arise
I keep in mind that I got a purpose
An obligation to claim my divine inheritance
So my heart and its cravings I keep in check
Shunning the allure of just a pay cheque
That may derail my divine-calling trek.

Each day I wait for Almighty’s orders
No wonder
Like a tennis ball against a brick wall
I sometimes let your advice bounce off
Then, I wait upon that spiritual opinion
Which via supplication, I turn to for instruction.

What boundless delight there is
In clarity of mind regarding my calling
Trends, swagg, in-things… lose their lure
Neither family’s nor friends’ pressure
Appeals me to seal a deal
But does the thrill of divine inheritance.

Oh! What perfect peace there is
In racing for God’s glory, not own honour
Sticking to his grace while leaning on his promise,
In divine purpose, even dry bones flourish,
Thus each day,
Like Caleb, I stick to my Mt. Horeb

Saturday, September 27, 2014


This digital thing is a real fake
Try it and your heart will break
That your online dear is always near
Whatsapp, twitter, facebook,  Skype
Are just enough,
After all you can see her face
While in her heart you book a space
A chat now and then
Her voice is only a call away
So does digital love blossom.

I choose to be analogue my dear
I only feel you when I touch you
When I feel your heart in the darkness
At midnight while you are peacefully asleep
A video chat is not just enough
It lacks the warmth of your breath
It lacks the aura that awakens my souls
When you whisper "I love you"  into my ear
A call won't do, your voice doesn't sound real
The systems steal away its romantic smoothness
That soothes me to wonderland
While you rest easy on my chest
And whatsapp agghhhh.....feels so public
Unlike those fulfilling private moments we share
When a touch here and there isn't just enough.

So call me analogue if that suites you
But it's the only way I can experience
The magic that flows between us.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Twinkling Tina twinkles not
Her dress is patched, annoyingly multi-hued
Her face is calloused uttery colourless
Her hands are cracked, her tummy empty
Her eyes beg for a little compassion
Her heart aches as she waves
At little girls passing by
Flying twinkling little school dresses.

Twinkling Tina twinkles not
Her beauty lies beneath her worried look
Waiting to be unveiled
By a loving mother
Her spackle is subdued by her visible misery
Only if a responsible father
Would unearth it.

Twinkling Tina twinkles not
She quietly weeps staring at passing cars
Well behind a thicket fence
That conceals her malnourished orphanage
From overlooking leafy mansions
Filled with empty kid bedrooms.

Twinkling Tina twinkles not
Her twinkle is yours to unravel
Once in the comfort of your home
She is the little angelic princess
Drowning in the deep sea of orphanhood
Twinkling Tina twinkles not
Yet under the warmth of your bossom
Twinkling Tina will surely twinkle you
With her twinkling inner rainbow beauty.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I live in fear
Fear that the world will reject me
Once again and make me shed a tear
I fear that the clothes I wear
Will be disliked by my peers
That the friends I truly treasure
Will unhesitatingly run away
If I reject their humiliating forays
That my girl will desert
If along I don't play
That  my boss will trash me
If I turn down his advances
I live in fear that I'm alone
A scavenger on the remnants
Of dying affection
I fear and so I'm always searching
For attention less I loose
Affection from those I perceive family
I live in fear
This fear has turned me a slave
A slave craving for slavely
In a rejection dungeon
I live in fear
That just like in the beginning
I'll be abandoned in a trash can

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whenever I stare into your unsympathetic face
You reflect back at me with a scary stare
I see nothing of my angelic looks
I see none of my bright eyes
I feel not my ever warm heart;
All I see is a sad look
One lacking a sense of belonging
I see eyes lost in a dry wilderness
I feel a heart engulfed in loneliness.

Why is your image of me ever distorted
Did I ever offend you prior to my conception
Is it that into your family I brought genetic distortion
Or is it that my presence tips the balance of wealth distribution?

Why can't you just for once present the perfect reflection of me
A beautiful child fumbling to find some solace in a world so unfeeling
With bright twinkling eyes that could light up any emotional dark cave
With a heart so warm it could thaw the snow on Everest
With a conscience so innocent it could shame the dove
Why can't you for once refuse to take my blame?

(Everyone of us is the mirror of the society, whatever perception you carry on adoptees or adoption in general is a reflection of how the society perceives the same. Be the perfect mirror and the not ripple mirror in a disturbed pool.)